Good morning, little bump.
(I say that because I am just barely starting to show.
Sorry I haven’t written in a while…
Life has been busy.
Big news!
You’re a girl!

We think.

The doctor said he’s pretty sure you’re a girl…
but we’ve heard that before, with your brother.
So, we’ll wait to announce anything publicly until we know for sure.
We go in for your next ultrasound on the 7th.
So, another couple weeks of waiting!
But I’m convinced you’re a girl.
I always have been.
But Dr. Breeden has been so wonderful with your pregnancy.
He’s let us see you every doctor’s visit so far!
That makes your mama feel so much better…
Because that way, I know you don’t have two heads or something.

On that note, I love you, little bump.
Talk to you soon.

13 Weeks

Hello, little bug.
We are thirteen weeks today!
Time has gone so slowly.
And quickly.
All at the same time.
We find out if you’re a boy or a girl in one week.
A preliminary list, if you’re a boy:
I hope you grow up strong.
I hope you are a “helper”.
There are always people to help.
Look for them.
I hope you grow up knowing that despite what the world says, it’s okay to have emotions.
Show them.
I hope you grow up and love the Lord.
It’s the most important thing.
A preliminary list, if you’re a girl:
I hope you grow up and be whatever you want to be.
Don’t let the world tell you that you can’t follow your dreams.
I hope you realize that no matter what you look like, you were designed by a Creator who does not make mistakes.
You are beautiful.
Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
And if they do, they are not worth your time.
I hope you understand that your emotions as a woman do not make you weak.
They are your greatest strength.
I hope you grow up and love the Lord…
because like I already said, it’s the most important thing.

I’ll write you a better list, once I found out if you’re a boy or a girl!
Either way, your daddy and I can’t wait to meet you.
We love you.

PS: I go in for the Lyme blood draw in a few days.
For your sake, I am praying it’s negative.
Stay healthy, little bug.

12 Weeks

Me again.
I probably should have started this blog a long time ago.
But, better late than never.
So far, little one, you have made me SO sick.
There were many days where I could barely get off the couch.
Your daddy was so helpful.
He helped with your brother…
he helped with the housework…
he helped with the cooking.
You are so blessed to have the daddy you do.
I’ve been feeling better the last week or so.
In the grand scheme of life, 7 weeks isn’t a long time.
But when you’re newly pregnant and feel like you’re on your deathbed…
it seems like an eternity.
But no worries, little one…
I would do it all over again.
You’re worth it.
Remember that.
You are ALWAYS worth it.
Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
We are supposed to find out your gender in 2 weeks…
I think you’re a girl.
I’ll be happy boy or girl, though.
But do your mama a solid, little one…
and just be healthy.

I love you so much already, little one.
Can you feel that, in there?
I sure hope so.

Hello, little one.

This is your mama.

I’m probably going to be the only one that ever writes on this…
Unless I can convince your dad to write a post or two.
I know you haven’t met him yet (I know you’ll be the best of friends),
but when you do, you’ll realize that he’s a pretty stubborn guy…
and he doesn’t do anything he doesn’t want to.
So, wish me luck.
We found out about you a while ago…
which has it’s positives and negatives.
We know sooner.
It’s nice to find out before you’re as sick as a dog.
We have to wait FOREVER to meet you!
The first person I told was your auntie Courtny.
She was excited.
Then I called your Grandma Dara.
I cried…
because I wasn’t expecting you!
Not because I was sad.
But I got excited pretty quickly.
Then I told your daddy.
He took it much better than I did.
Now we’re just waiting to meet you!
And believe me, it’s so hard to wait.
So, in the meantime, I’ll cherish the time with your brother.
You’ll love him, too.

We love you.
We pray for you.
Stay cookin’, little one.