20 weeks

Hi, sweet girl.
It’s your mama, as usual.
I read today that you are the size of a mango.
You’re getting so big…
Considering you used to be the size of a pea!
I’m starting to show, as I told you last time.
It’s getting kind of uncomfortable, because my skin is starting to stretch.
But you, my love, are worth every single ache and pain.
I don’t remember if I wrote it down or not, but I do have Lyme.
So, hopefully it’s not affecting you at all…
And as far as we know, it isn’t.
We go in for a doctor’s appointment next week to check your anatomy.
Can’t wait to see you, little love.
In the meantime, keep kicking away in there!

I love feeling you kick.


Hello, little one.
I am not good about writing!
Sorry about that.
But, life is crazy around here…
You’ll find that out soon enough.
We got confirmation that you are indeed a girl!
And I have NO idea how to be a mama to a little girl.
So, forgive me if it takes me a little bit of time to catch on.
Daddy and I haven’t really talked about what your name will be…
But I like Cora Rae.
Daddy isn’t sure.
Luckily, we’ve still got some time to figure that out.
We also found out that you’re growing well!
Dr. Breeden said you’d probably be around the same size as your big brother.
Not looking forward to that.
But I am looking forward to meeting you!
So, stay cookin’, little one…
And we’ll see you in 22 weeks or so.

All my love,