Hello, little one.
You and I are pushin’ right along!
Time is FLYING by at this point.
I think you’re going to be here before we know it!
There’s a few things I’d like to note, though.
First, I can still wear my wedding ring!
With your brother, my ring had been off for a while.
So that’s a nice plus.
Your daddy sure picked a nice one!
Someday, I’ll let you have it.
Next, my ankles haven’t swollen up!
And let me tell you, sweet pea, that is a BLESSING.
With your brother, my ankles were swollen all the time.
One time, I even cried for a while to your daddy about my cankles…
And how I thought they would never go away.
Fortunately they did 🙂
Love you, little one.
Hope you’re doing okay in there.


28 Weeks

Hi, little bump!
So, we’ve hit the 28 week mark…
Putting us officially in the 3rd trimester.
Good job on staying healthy, little one.
Doctor Breeden says you look like you’re growing perfectly.
At our appointment on Wednesday, you are roughly 2.5 pounds…
But you still have lots of growing to do.
You’re currently breech, though.
Your auntie Nicole told me about a horrible/hilarious thing they do to help flip a breech baby.
I guess they roll the mama around on a sheet to encourage flipping…
and that sounds awful.
So do mama a solid and flip on your own, okay?
Daddy finally okay’d the name Cora a few weeks ago.
Told you he would!
But, he did agree to it on the condition that he could pick your middle name.
And he finally did…
He picked Adele.
After your Great Grandma Char.
Her middle name is Adele, too.
She’s a wonderful lady, you’ll like her.

As far as how I’m feeling…
Not too bad.
Since you’re breech, you constantly kick my hip bones.
And bladder.
I don’t really love that.
It hurts.
And isn’t very comfortable.
You also love to scrape your arm (elbow? shoulder? who knows) across my belly.
That’s a weird feeling.
Can’t wait to meet you, little bump.

The Bump Goes to Florida

Hello, little love.
I have been AWFUL about writing lately.
I’m sorry!
You went to Florida a couple weeks ago…
Here’s what you did:
Went to Disney World.
Rode a few rides (Pirates, Small World, Jungle Cruise).
Went to the swamps and saw the alligators.
Rode a boat on the swamp with the alligators.

Here’s who you hung out with:
Grandma Dara….
Grandpa Nathan…
Uncle Dysen…
Uncle Blade…
Great Grandma Angie…
and Mommy and Daddy.

Grandma Dara bought you a bunch of hideous holiday outfits.
No joke, little bump, you’re going to look like a dork.
BUT…it’ll give us adults some laughs…
and hopefully when you’re big, you can appreciate that fact.
You’re taking one for the team.
In grandma’s defense, though, she bought you a bunch of cute stuff too.
So, we can forgive her for the bad holiday clothes.
Can’t wait to see you in them.