Sorry, little one.
This mama has not been on the ball with posting!
Let’s see…
You finally flipped!
You were breech until 33ish weeks.
You made mama a little nervous, kiddo.
But all is well, now.
Dr. Breeden said that your head is super low…
And that you have (I quote), “freakishly long legs”.
Don’t know where you got those…
Definitely not from your daddy.
The poor man is all torso.
I went and bought some last minute things for you today.
Spent WAY too much at Target.
You’ll find that that’s a fairly normal thing to do.
Bought you things like new swaddlers…
And little mittens (so you don’t scratch your cute face).
We have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow, you and I.
Can’t wait to see your squishy little face!
Grandma Dara will be here next Tuesday…
And if all goes to according to plan, you will be here next Wednesday!
Sorry ahead of time, if you didn’t want to be here on April Fools…IMG_2306IMG_2390FullSizeRender1
Here’s updated belly shots.
The first picture is 32 weeks.
Polka-dot shirt was us at 33 weeks.
That was mama’s birthday dinner outfit.
The last shot is one I took today, so almost 37 weeks.
You’re definitely growing in there!
(Oh, and forgive mama’s silly faces.
I hate taking belly shots.
Grandma Dara forces me).
See you tomorrow, little one.