Welcome home, sweet pea!

Hello, little love.
You are finally home!
And we couldn’t be happier to have you here.
You have been such an angel!
You like to sit in your swing.
You like to poop all over Grandma.
You like to take baths.
Oh my goodness do you like baths.
You just sat in the water and looked around.
You got upset when we took you out.
You are such a girl already! πŸ™‚
You sleep well at night.
The first night or two, you refused to sleep anywhere but right next to me.
But last night, we got you to sleep all night in the swing.
Better than nothing, I guess.
You wake up every 2-3 hours…
Which kills Daddy.
But it’s good for me!
Here’s some pictures from your first few days at home.
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The first few days

The first night with you in the hospital wasn’t too bad. We got a decent amount of sleep, and you did really well eating. The only real complaint was that my milk hadn’t came in yet, so you were just getting colostrum. You didn’t complain, though. The post-partum recovery floor was full the night we had you, so we thankfully got to stay in the big room we had you in. My nurse, Clarissa, was wonderful. She was very attentive, and tried to make your mama as comfortable as possible.

Grandma Dara had left the night you were born around 12:30 AM. She went home and cleaned the house, and went grocery shopping. She has been such a blessing! The morning after (3/27) was pretty slow. We didn’t have any visitors, it was just you, me, and Daddy. Grandma Dara finally came around 12, as we were getting ready to move up to the post-partum floor. Uncle Rob dropped off Jaxon, but couldn’t stay due to a rule that says no kids under 14 allowed (unless they’re the child of a patient), so he had to leave with cousin Miles. Jaxon didn’t really like you at first. In fact, when he came up to sit on the bed with us, he kind of growled and scooted away when your leg accidentally touched his. It was hilarious (sorry, precious, but it really was). (But, he started to really love you on Saturday. He would put his head up next to yours and give you snuggles.) Auntie Nicole came to see you once she got off work, and I’m pretty sure you thought she was pretty great. You and her will be great buds, I know it. Jaxon and Grandma left when Jaxon started to get antsy, so they left shortly before dinner time. Grandma and Grandpa K came around 8, and they thought you were just the sweetest thing! Grandma K got to change the first of your meconium poops, but luckily for her, it was pretty small. Then, we went to a mandatory discharge class around 9, and it was a bore-fest.

Around 1:30 AM, our nurse, Nicole, came in to give us some not-so-great news. Your biliruben levels were too high, and you had to go under the lights. There are three levels of lights, one being the most mild, and three being the most intense, and you were a level 3. Your brother was only a level 2 when he went under. You really didn’t like to be in there by yourself…you just wanted me to hold you. I barely slept that night, because I stayed awake and watched you the majority of the night. By the next day, you’d had it, and freaked out whenever we tried to put you back in. We finally had to send you to the nursery so we could shower and stuff. The nurses said you were an angel, and slept the whole time. Little booger! I guess you just needed to be away from mama, because when you were in our room, you were restless. They finally let you come out from under the lights around 5 the next night, and I was so glad. They said it would be good to keep you under the lights, but that it wasn’t necessary. We opted to let you out to give you a bit of a break.

Daddy went home to stay with J, and Grandma stayed with me in the hospital. The nurse that took care of us that night was Heather, and she was amazing. We loved her. We sent you to the nursery a few times to go under the lights, even though it wasn’t necessary. Better safe than sorry!  Grandma and Mama actually got a few decent chunks of sleep, which was amazing after the night before. The next morning was Sunday, and they finally gave us the okay to go home! Daddy dropped Jaxon off at Aunt Nicole’s to nap, and came and picked us up. We were so ready to be home! πŸ™‚

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Your birth story

Hi little bug! I’m going to write this blog a little differently…cuz there’s just too much to say!

The day started normally, and I had no idea that you were on your way. I had talked to Grandma Dara a little bit throughout the morning, just to see how she was doing, if she’d made it to the airport, etc. Jaxon wanted to skype, so we called Grandma around 10:45, but she could only talk for a second, since she was about to board her plane to Denver. Towards the end of the call, I sat up (I was laying on the couch before that) to have Jaxon say goodbye, and felt a little gush of liquid. I wondered if it was possible that my water had broken, but tried not to panic and stress out Grandma Dara for no reason before she got on her plane. So, I didn’t say anything, and we got off Skype. I stood up to go to the bathroom to see what was going on, and the liquid just kept coming. At that point, I knew you were on the way! So I called Grandma back, and told her what was going on, and she was so scared she was going to miss you! We quickly got off the phone, and I called Daddy to have him come home. I tried to call Uncle Rob (he was going to keep J), but he didn’t answer. I started running around like crazy, trying to get last minute stuff together, and calling relatives to say you were coming. Jaxon followed me around the whole time, and I felt bad because I couldn’t hold him and snuggle. I called Grandpa, and told him I was freaking out cuz I couldn’t get a hold of Uncle Rob, and cuz Grandma Dara didn’t have a ride to the hospital. He told me to calm down, that it would all work out, and that my job was to focus on having a baby. Your mama sure is blessed to have the daddy she does!

Your daddy got home so fast (he said he was speeding all the way home), and we went and dropped your brother off with Uncle Rob (whom Auntie Nicole had finally gotten a hold of). On the way to the hospital, I got to choose the music, cuz your daddy said that it was my “birthing right” to listen to whatever I wanted. I still wasn’t having any contractions, but I was still having pretty frequent fluid gushes. We got to the hospital, and when I told people that my water had broken, they looked at me like I was psychotic because I wasn’t in any pain. I got all checked in, and they said I was dilated to a 4 (I was dilated to a 3 two days prior). I was having little contractions, but nothing I couldn’t handle. I walked around with daddy for a while, and we waited for something to happen. Grandma and Grandpa Kilgore came to visit, and they brought sandwiches, and they were AMAZING. Mama and Daddy were so hungry! πŸ™‚

Sheryl Turner dropped Grandma Dara off at the hospital when she got into Denver. Grandma was SO happy that she didn’t miss your arrival! I’m pretty sure God planned it that way. At about 5:00 or so, Dr. Breeden comes to check on me, and I’m dilated to a 5. He says he thinks you’ll come around 7:30. I walked around with Grandma Dara some more while Daddy talked with his parents in our room. Grandma and Grandpa K left around 6:30, and my contractions are starting to get a little stronger. I sat down in the chair in our room for a while and talked with Daddy while Grandma napped. They came back in an hour or two later to recheck me, and I was still dilated to 5. So, Daddy and I took another walk to try and get things moving, and my contractions are starting to come pretty hard, but not consistently close together. By the time we got back, I was in some pain, so I decided to get in the shower and see if that would help. Grandma came in and talked to me, and I decided that I was ready for an epidural. I wasn’t in unbearable pain, but I was just so tired by this point.

The nurse, Clarissa, went to get the anesthesiologist, but he had just gone into a c-section, so he would be there in about 10-15 minutes. At this point, I was in serious pain, with contractions coming pretty close. I got some fetanol in my IV, and that took the edge off (kind of. not really.). It mostly just made me dizzy. The anesthesiologist finally comes in with paperwork to sign for the epidural. I signed the paperwork, and swung my legs off the edge of the bed. The anesthesiologist starts to prep my back for the juice, and I’m silently fighting off the urge to push because I know that it means we’re too far along for the epi. I knew, though, that it was dangerous for you to get the juice at this point, so I told Grandma that I needed to push. I was in so much pain that I couldn’t move from the edge of the bed to the stupid laying down position that they want you in. So, Daddy and the nurses pretty much had to pick me up and move me.

You came so fast that Dr. Breeden almost didn’t make it in time. I pushed (and screamed) for a bit with the on-call doctor, and by the time Dr. Breeden got there, your head was almost out. After about 45 minutes of pushing (and A LOT of screaming), you were born! I couldn’t hold you for what seemed like forever, because I was in so much pain. In reality, though, it probably was about 30 minutes. It took them a while to stitch me up, because I tore pretty bad, I guess. I also had started to shake really bad, and so I didn’t want to hold you while I was shaking. I also remember crying pretty fiercely at this point. Hormones are a beast right after childbirth πŸ™‚ They took forever to get me any pain meds, but once they did, I could finally calm down and hold you. The very first thing I said to you was, “hi, pretty girl”, because you were one of the prettiest things I’d ever seen. You looked a lot like your brother, and I was missing him pretty bad by that point.

According to your nurse, you were goopier than most babies, so you sneezed a lot. I guess that helped you clear out your lungs. You just looked around and took it all in, which is what Grandma Dara said I did when I was born. You wanted to eat almost as soon as they put you on my chest, and you latched easily, which was such a relief after the difficulty with your brother. Having you was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done, but I would do it all again in a heartbeat. I waited nine months to meet you, and meeting you was every bit as perfect as I’d imagined it would be.

Cora Adele Kilgore, born at Presbyterian-St. Luke’s Medical Center at 10:54 on March 26, 2015. You weighed 7 pounds, 9 ounces, and were 19.5 inches long.

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