Happy 3 months!

Hey sweet girl!
Today, you are 3 months old.
To be honest, I have no idea where the time went!
I feel like we just brought you home.
Which, in the grand scheme of things, we did.
But who cares about the grand scheme?
Not this girl.

More about you, less about me.
You are such a happy girl!
You smile all the time.
All anyone has to do is talk to you, and you’re smiling.
You don’t really like to be by yourself, although I’m sure that’s normal.
Your favorite thing is to sit in someone’s lap (mine, preferably) like a little old man.
You like to look around at things, and you usually fall asleep.
Which is exactly like an old man.
Love you, Cora girl.
You went from sleeping all the way through the night (8 or 9 to 5 or 6)…
To getting up once or twice.
You’ve started this fun game here in the last few days.
I think it’s just a growth spurt, though, so I’m not super concerned.
Your 2 month check-up confirmed what we’d known about you all along…
You’re a fatty.
95th percentile for weight, and 90th for height.
(At least I think. It might be the other way around. Who knows).
See below picture for proof:
View More: http://mollykmphotography.pass.us/tiakilgore
That was one of your daddy’s father’s day pictures.
Here’s some more pictures:
View More: http://mollykmphotography.pass.us/tiakilgore View More: http://mollykmphotography.pass.us/tiakilgore View More: http://mollykmphotography.pass.us/tiakilgore image1 image2 image3

You know, the digital age is so nice for so many reasons…
But not really for pictures.
I take so many, but they get lost in the depths of my phone.
I need to get working on your newborn photo album.
At the rate I go, it’ll be done when you’re 25!
Love you, sweetheart.