7 months 

A little behind, but that’s okay. For the longest time, you were just a little baby slug. You didn’t move- ever. I kid you not, all you wanted to do was lay on your back in the living room and get mad cuz you were bored. But alas, you finally decided to do something, and I am so proud! You started off by kind of rolling from one side to the other. Then eventually, you decided it might be okay to roll from back to belly…but never belly to back. You still get pretty mad cuz you get stuck on your belly (even though I know you know how to roll from belly to back), which is kind of funny. Shortly after you decided  to roll, you decided it would be okay to sit up. So, now you sit up all the time and keep yourself more occupied, and we are all MUCH happier. 

You are such a happy baby! You smile ALL the time. You have a pretty silly laugh, it sounds like something in between a laugh/cry, and sometimes I can’t tell the difference. It’s a weird kind of scream thing, which makes me laugh. It’s also a nice change from your brother, because you had to work so hard to ever get him to laugh. 

Anyway. Just wanted to check in and let the world know what you’ve been up to the last little bit. Love you, sweet pea.